Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important things a person, developer, business or company needs to know before embarking on the quest to create a great website and web content, is understanding the meaning of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process in which designers, copywriters, and content creators go forward in creating web content that has the right keywords and the right amount of them that will get your site to appear at the top of the list, or the first page, when a person types something into the search engine that has to do with your products or services.

For example, if you search for something like “sweaters for cats” the sites that have those words included in their content, have content tagged with those words, and comments about sweaters for cats, will be the first to appear in a Google search. Most people will see the first link and click on it right away instead of scrolling down or clicking ahead to the next page when they just want to find what they are looking for, so naturally, any company or business wnts to make sure they get their site SEO and bringing them the most traffic as possible!

This is something that we have incredible talents with. Because sure, you can just go along in your content and make sure you’ve got your keywords in there as much as possible…but sometimes it can get repetitive and annoying. We make sure that your keywords appear enough, and that your content still remains tasteful, easy to read, and informative! We want to help you to make it to the top of the list and we don’t need a contract or a monthly minimum of requirements. Whatever your content, we will work with you to develop a custom package that suits your needs and budget, while getting your content out there into the world in a fun and efficient way!