Media Placement

Newspaper, tv, radio, online

Having as many outlets as you can in which to market your products or services is the best way to bring in traffic. Not everyone listens to the radio, or shops online, or reads a newspaper…but there is a good chance that pretty much everyone does at least one of those things. You have to get as much hooks in the water as you can in order to catch the most fish. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. Our team of developers can sit down and discuss with you to figure out exactly what you are offering and then figure out what your target market is. For some businesses, advertising in local newspapers is something that works best because of the type of people who are usually reading these papers. For others, advertising online through search engine ads or social media networks works best. It all depends on what you are selling and the kinds of people you are selling to and knowing where they will be most likely to come across your advertisements.

A good example of this that we all have come to “love” is, of course, kids’ toys advertisements during kids tv shops and channels. Remember Christmas time? When we’d be watching cartoons and then we would see ads for the coolest new toys then promptly go running to mom and dad and tell them all about what we say and how we might literally die without those toys? Prime example of selective media placement at its best.

So, just like those geniuses who figured out that airing toy commercials during children’s television shows would be brilliant, our team knows just where to place your ads in the media that will get people excited and also reminded about you and what you have to offer. It’s actually kind of funny when you really think about it as there as so many examples of fantastic ad placement in the media that remind us how human we still really are in a world made up of so many “things.”